When our friends ask for recommendations, these are the names we give them. We’ve had experience with these folks, we trust them, and we’d recommend them to our family.
Naturally, you should use your own due diligence in selecting vendors and professionals. We’ve had good experiences with these people and businesses, however, that doesn’t guarantee you will, too. Hence, these names and contacts are provided merely as a friendly possible starting point to help you when searching for professionals.
If you have recommendations or want to make comments, you can email us at info@certifaxappraisals.com

Express 100


Why we like them:
I’ve been using Express 100 at my home for at least the last ten years and at my office for the last five years. The termite bond on my home is with Express 100. When I was buying and selling investment property, I used Express 100 exclusively. Both my next-door neighbors use Express 100. They are competitively priced, punctual, careful in their work, respectful, and they’ll bend over backwards to make sure you’re happy with their service. They’re locally owned, the owner has 30 years in the business, and they also do home inspections (though I’ve never had occasion to use them for home inspections). ~Kay Van Hoesen



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